The First Presbyterian Church of Dunedin traces its roots to the arrival in Dunedin of the church's first minister, the Rev. Joseph Brown, who on May 31, 1868, landed in a sailing vessel at the foot of what is now Main Street, and according to old records, immediately held Sabbath services on the shore. On the first Sunday in June, he gathered together a few of the scattered settlers and held divine services in the little log schoolhouse which stood approximately at what is now the intersection of Main and New York Avenue. For the next three years, Mr. Brown devoted his time to missionary work and preaching, until in April of 1871 he determined there were enough scattered settlers to justify the organization of a church.  


        In 1882 the organized church named the "Bethesda" (after the Greek for "Healing Waters") moved to the Hägler Schoolhouse and in 1876, to be closer to the homes of its congregation, they began construction of a church on Jerry Lake, with their own cemetery next door which became the Dunedin Cemetery.  

        A young man who, with his father, had moved from Virginia months before, was killed in a freak accident. Honoring the father's pledge of $200 to the building of the new sanctuary, the congregation re-named itself "Andrews Memorial Church." After the new building was built, it was dedicated to the service of God by Joseph Brown's brother William, a Richmond minister, on the last Sunday of December, 1878. Joseph Brown, reduced to poverty, often unpaid for his labors by the impoverished congregation, his health and mental faculties failing, closed his labors in January 1880. 

        The Andrews Memorial Chapel (which is registered as an historic site by the Presbyterian/Reformed Historical Society), served as the congregation's sanctuary from 1888 to 1926 and was moved "downtown" to the corner of Scotland and Highland. Later in 1971, it was moved to Hammock Park and given to the Dunedin Historical Society. The congregation renamed itself The First Presbyterian Church of Dunedin in 1924. 

        The First Presbyterian Church of Dunedin is the oldest Presbyterian Congregation on the west coast of Florida south of Cedar Key, the "mother church" of new church developments in the area. The congregation continues its legacy through support of mission on six continents and its energetic participation in the worship and service of the Church.