David Shelor

David was born and raised in Black Mountain, NC. He holds degrees from Davidson College in NC, Columbia Seminary in Atlanta and a doctorate from McCormick Seminary in Chicago and is currently enrolled in the Master’s program in Organizational Development at Case-Western University in Cleveland. David has served the Church in Ghana, West Africa, Georgia and Florida, having recently spent 12 years as the founding pastor of a new church in suburban Tampa. He is delighted to be married to Merry Lynn, a dance professor at the University of South Florida, and has two brilliant and talented children, Graham and Lillie. They have a sweet dog, Croix, who barks too much. Of his work here, David says, "It is nothing short of holy to be with folks who strive earnestly to follow Jesus and love one another, and who have such a rich history of love, compassion and inclusion in this community. And, besides, there is no cooler town in Florida than Dunedin."