Blanket Sunday

(Put your caring into Action)

There is nothing better than the comfort of a warm blanket when the temperature drops. But for many, that is not the case.  Families facing homelessness, recovering from disaster, or fleeing conflict are in desperate need of that very comfort and need your help,

On January 21st during both services at 8:45 AM and 10:30 AM we will be collecting donations in giving envelops collection trays.

For only $10 you can provide a blanket that can offer warmth, comfort, and the hope… that they are not alone.  Please make checks payable to Presbyterian Women.

In 2015 blankets went to families migrating through Serbia to European destinations.

They were distributed to victims of the fire in Colorado and in the last year to flood victims in La. and Texas.   There are "summer" and "winter " weight blankets....that cost $10 each.


This year there are undoubtedly many in need this winter.  Our congregation has donated from $1,000-over $1,400 in each of the last several years.

For more information please visit the website