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Worship Cafe


Sundays @ 8:45 a.m.


There is a place for you. We are a family; a faith community. We don't have all the answers. We ask a lot of questions. Our minds are open. So are our doors. We're far from perfect. We don't all look the same or agree on everything. We accept people for who they are, and as they are. We are passionate about caring for others, and following the example set by Jesus.


We come together every Sunday to worship Jesus, and for music, prayer, meditation, and much more. The music is contemporary, the dress is casual. Our gathering is for skeptics, believers, veterans, rookies, the passionate, the cynics and the burned out, who seek to know and follow Jesus Christ. Whether you are wondering how you will get through the chaos in your life; looking to jump-start your faith journey; or just curious about who and what Jesus is about, come join us!


No matter who you are... Let's worship together!

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