United Faiths Walk of Peace

The 3rd Annual United Faiths Walk of Peace will be held today, Sunday, April 8th, beginning at 2 pm at Pioneer Park in Dunedin.

There are many new churches joining in this year, including the Baha’café Faith in Clearwater, Our Lady of Lourdes, Unitarian Universalists of Clearwater, Mount Pleasant Missionary Baptist Church, Faith United Church of Christ, as well as the organizations that participated previously.


The route this year is approximately 2 miles and loops back to First United Methodist Church located on the corner of Douglas and Main Street.


The event is free.

T-shirts and visors may be purchased to help defray the expenses of the event. T-shirts are $15, and visors will be available the day of the walk for just $1. T-shirts can be purchased in advance after both Worship Café and the traditional service, or on the day of the walk at Pioneer Walk.


If you would like to participate but are unable to walk, bring a chair to Pioneer Park. There will be activities in the park during the walk, and refreshments will be served at the Methodist church at 4 pm following the walk. Come out and make some new friends from other faith communities.

Volunteers are also needed to help with refreshments, including cookies. If interested contact Tina Hemme at (727) 507-1667 or Ann Hemme at (727) 286-6622. All donations are appreciated.